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Determining the Potency of Novels:

I would never review any stories that did not contain some measure of enjoyability within them. If they have made it into my Apothecary and into a review, they have my personal seal of approval. This means that either I enjoyed it, or I thought that someone else with slightly different tastes would like it.

All stories are of different quality and potency, some will undoubtedly be better than others. If you did not enjoy a novel here, please remember that just because you didn't like it, doesn't mean that someone else can't.

After all, perception, and prior experiences tend to change the flavor of any story.

That being said, I should probably talk about what you came here looking for. My review system.

Not great, was a weak cup of tea, but has a few redeeming qualities.

Better, There were details I didn't like - it's a little gritty.

Good Novel. Decent Flavor.

Very Entertaining - Slides down nice and smooth.

MMmmmmm - this one bubbles and tingles on the way down!

You may also come across half or quarter potions, this just means it fits between the two ratings.

Hope that clears things up for you!