Here you'll find the ultimate cure for the bored or lethargic brain; fantasy novels, free ebooks and book reviews. Introduce a little magic into your life...
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Welcome to my Apothecary. The shelves here will contain stories to entertain, delight and amaze. Every novel here is available as an ebook.

I'm an avid reader/writer, my favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction. I also enjoy a good romance, historical fiction, comedy etc... The only genre I won't try is horror, so you won't find any here!

When I first came up with the idea for this blog there were a few stipulations that I set up.

1. I would only review books that I have personally read.
2. I'm not going to write negative reviews.
3. I won't do spoilers.

Now that I'm pretending to get the hang of this I have also decided:
5. To focus on fantasy novels.
6. To promote free ebooks, even if I haven't read them. (yet)

If I review a book, you can assume I liked it. Not only do I completely understand how hard it would be for writers to read negative reviews of their work, but I don't want to turn you off of a novel simply because I didn't enjoy it. (For a breakdown of my rating system go HERE.)

I hope this blog can help you find a great book. And if you find more than one - so much the better!

Thanks for your interest, and for checking out this blog!

-Beth Hobson

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